Caresse Kelly

Owner/Operator at Posh Spray Bar
Professional Airbrush Artist

After being in the tanning industry for 5 years and witnessing countless individuals with hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, loose skin, premature aging, melanoma, and eye sight damage caused by UV exposure first hand, I knew there had to be a healthier alternative to all the madness. This was the beginning of what ignited my relentless determination to dig deep into research, on-going education, and professional training to begin this business endeavor that I take absolute pride in and feel so passionate about.

The joy & fulfillment it has brought to my life is incomprehensible and I truly feel blessed to do what I do! Especially knowing first hand that I’m making an impact and difference in my client’s lives even if it’s just for that moment when they first look in the mirror and have an instant confidence boost! Positivity is contagious and that’s exactly what I plan to deliver to each and every individual I am fortunate to meet & provide my sunless services to!